The types of technology that will replace the third party cookie

With Google’s eventual removal of the third party cookie from chrome the adtech industry will need to rebuild some technologies from the ground up. Some proposals are scorched earth and aim to rebuild the entirety of the programmatic space – a 70 billion dollar industry. Other solutions aim to simply replace the cookie with something else, leaving the majority of infrastructure intact.

This links below provide deep dives on existing solutions and proposals. For a good overview of all the major solutions, proposals, and the companies sponsoring them, read The companies who are rebuilding the internet.


Privacy Sandbox

The privacy sandbox is the project name for everything related to google removing the 3rd party cookie.


The technology google proposed to replace some functionality of the cookie. This is what most other proposals are built on, and required reading to understand the other proposals.

Federated Learning of Cohorts (FLoC)

Building on Turtledove, FLoC is a semi-replacement for 3rd party audiences.

The remaining solutions are explored in the overview post.